Friday, August 5, 2022

MONKEYPOX:--The Vaccine: "Just Add Water--1ST DRAFT: L'ANGELLE

This paper traces the origin of smallpox vaccine dilution from its primary origin post-9/11 when most of the activity surrounded the need to counter a perceived threat in a bioterror attack on the American public. The perceived threat real, the actual threat wasn’t, it was created in the minds of “bioterror experts” and sold to the Bush administration as part of the package of the War on Terror.

CALIFORNIA--Egypt of the Western Hemisphere--1st DRAFT: L'ANGELLE

This paper begins with a review of Elwood Mead’s 480-page "Report of Irrigation Investigations in California," published in 1901, and follows up with a diverse number of aspects of the construction of the Hoover Dam that commenced in 1931.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

MONKEYPOX: Vaccine Shortage 2022--“Yes we have No Bananas” --1st DRAFT:L'ANGELLE

MONKEYPOX: Vaccine Shortage 2022--...“Yes we have No Bananas” --

The latest infectious disease that has swirled from the primeval swamp went unnoticed due to many reasons: its relation to infected rodents instead of bioterrorists, headline mongering Don Quixote “experts'' who discounted any possible relevance of the orthopox, and a government convinced that its more deadly cousin, smallpox, would bring an end to existence.